Scott May – 1989 Donruss

December 12, 2010

There Were Way Too Many Cards Per Set In The Junk Wax Era, Vol. 6

Scott May…Scott May…Let me see….

9 1/3 innings for his career – 11 ER – for a tasty 10.61 ERA. Three games in 1988 for Texas and two in 1991 for Chicago.

Drafted by the Dodgers, traded to the Rangers (as shown above) then to the Brewers. Signed a free agent deal with the Cubs.

Had a 4.22 career MINOR league ERA.

So, I got nothin’ except these factoids that may only interest me (with apologies to Peter King):

  • Shirley Temple’s daughter Lori played bass for the Melvins in the late 80’s / early 90’s.
  • Slovenia was the first former Yugoslav republic to declare independence from that federation. It’s capital is Ljubljana.
  • People around the world play Angry Birds for 200 million minutes a day.
  • There was only one Iron Chef Chinese – Chen Kenchi – the Sultan of Sichuan.
  • Wild bananas have many large hard seeds in them. The bananas we buy were domesticated and cultivated by humans.
  • Maurice Evans, who played Dr. Zaius, was the neighbor who tried to warn Rosemary about the Casavets. He also was Samantha’s father in Bewitched.
  • Major Frank Burns from M*A*S*H was from Fort Wayne, Indiana – same as Major Taylor in the Planet Of The Apes.
  • The male anglerfish are very tiny. When mature, they must find a female to attach to quickly. Once they do, they attach to the female, and slowly dissolve into her, leaving just his testes. Ladies, don’t try this at home.
  • Scott May, father of former Tar Heel Sean May, was the power forward and emotional leader of the mid-70’s Indiana Hoosiers. Had May not broken his arm in 1975, Indiana would probably have won two back-to-back NCAA titles with unbeaten seasons.

That’s all I got. But it’s more than I had about Scott May, the pitcher.



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