Brian Pellegrini – 2010 Bowman

December 8, 2010

Bowman Ran Out Of Prospects?

Hello. In response to some viewer mail I’ve received (well, the mail I can safely read without calling in the bomb squad and or the legal notices from Skip Pitlock’s attorney) I’d like to take this time to give you a behind the scenes tour of how a post comes to fruition on Smed’s Baseball Card Blog.

A. First, a crack photo team goes through the ‘spare’ cards accumulated here at Smed HQ. Each card is examined for relevance, fit, and marketability. It’s all about the brand image here.

B. The selection of cards by the photo team are scanned, and then passed along to the research staff. This hard working group of low-paid coffee nerds pours through all of the relevant on-line baseball sites, as well as the voluminous tomes here in the Smed HQ library. An intra-net wiki is created during the research process, which is then edited, corroborated, approved by the head researcher. The wiki link is then sent to writing.

C. Here’s where the magic happens. Taking the scan of the card and the research, the writing staff spends hours diagramming the flow of the entry, making sure to reference not only the photo, but the research and any nuances between the player on the card and the information that is on the intra-net Wiki. Several drafts are compiled, combining history, information, comedy, and pathos – the kinds of things you expect in a posting from Smed’s Baseball Card Blog.

D. The drafts are then sent to the site editor – who seamlessly weaves the various drafts into a compelling narrative that will make you laugh, or think, or react. The editor then adds the pithy headline for each post.

E. Finally, the post is sent to Smed, who deliberates long and hard on each post, making sure that it is worthy of the name Smed’s Baseball Card Blog. It can’t be posted until Smed says, “Hit it!”

Right now, the staff is hard at work with Mr. Pellegrini. They found that:

1. He was a 12th round pick from St. Bonaventure and was drafted as a senior.

2. He’s 6’1, 240, but played baseball instead of football in College.

3. That bad looks like a whiffle ball bat in his hands.

4. At age 25, he’s still in Class A.

5. An Irving Pellegrini pitched for the Big Spring / Odessa franchise in the Class D West Texas / New Mexico League in 1940. Irving Pellegrini? Jewish mother, italian father? Oh, think of the family dinners!


7. His twitter feed  is BigPellyStyle.

You can imagine the informative post that will be crafted by the team for Mr. Pellegrini. I think everyone needs to stay tuned…

(Pssst…Wikileaks has revealed that the above is false. Smed writes these posts on breaks from his job and his parenting duties, usually hepped up on Mountain Dew and listening to the crazy psychedelic sounds of 1968-era Pink Floyd and the Moody Blues. )

(CLARIFICATION: The facts about Pellegrini are true, though…)


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