Joey Votto – 2009 Upper Deck

December 4, 2010

As A Proud Uni Watch Member, I Have Issues With This Shot

Love the socks! But that jersey? Man, no. Just…no. I know, support the troops and all, but…no. Please. No.

You walk around with that in the DMZ and someone’s gonna zero in on the “C” and grease yer ass.

Jerseys like this belong in the minors, you know. In the majors, a throwback every once in a while (especially to a much older uniform where you HAVE to wear socks and stirrups like a ball player should and not those god-awful pajamas). Of course, you don’t want an AUTHENTIC authentic throwback. I don’t think the Reds coming out in itchy, wool uniforms that don’t exactly look alike are the way to go.

But bring back those sweaters, man! (That’s the 1909 Reds, FYI!)

Congrats on the MVP year, Choey! (That’s what they’d be calling him if he was from Bensonhurst and not Canada.) Right?



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