Steven Upchurch – 2009 Bowman

December 3, 2010

He’s All Ears…Heh. “Not Funny Man!”

First off, some housekeeping. My blog was featured as a link on Uniwatch regarding my post on the Astros NOBs in 1974. I emailed Paul Lukas and he duly added a link. Nice guy!

So that’s why my hit count took a yoooouge spike. Over 1,300 people have seen that post. Wowser. Though it does make my site stats a bit go funny – there’s an outlier in those numbers!

And now…

I feel sorry for some of the kids in the Bowman sets. Take Mr. Upchurch, for example. He’s 18 years old, posing in White Sox garb, all tingly about signing his contract and playing baseball for a living, and his picture shows him with ears that could double as Dumbo’s wings. Plus, he looks like he’s 14, and afraid that Potsie and Ralph are going to give him a wedgie.

It has to be the angle, right?

Yeah, kinda.

He may not get another card.  He was a 12th round pick out of high school but has spent three years in Rookie Ball. His K/9 ratio is down below 5. He supposedly has this mind-bending changeup but if you have a 4.85 ERA in 182 innings in the Rookie League there may not be much time for you to turn it around.

And then he’ll have to live with a baseball card that makes him look like a 14-year old with ears sticking out to the next area code.



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