Curt Schilling – 1990 Topps

December 2, 2010

Who Let The Bat Boy On The Field?

Wow, Curt looked a LOT younger then, didn’t he?

You look at his early career, and it really could have turned out quite differently for Mr. Schilling. He was traded three times before really establishing himself, and in 1992 was just another reliever on a bleah Phillies team until May 19. If I recall, Tommy Greene, Ben Rivera and Kyle Abbot were the hot young pitching studs – the up and comers. Schilling had talent but again, this was his fourth organization already. Teams seemed to like him enough to trade for him but not enough to keep him.

By the time May 19th rolled around, the rotation of Terry Mulholland, Greene, Danny Cox, Abbott and Andy Ashby was already in disarray. By early May Cliff Brantley replaced Ashby. Then Greene’s turn was skipped a couple of times and Brad “Season On The” Brink stepped in. Finally, after an Abbott start (he would go 1-14 with a 5.13 ERA in 1992) Schilling got his chance, replacing Cox in the rotation.

Even spending six weeks in the pen, Schilling wound up the season second on the Phillies in starts, with 26. He had 22 quality starts.

He never again left the rotation on any team he pitched, except for injury. Not bad for someone who was the #8 option for the rotation. And just think if the Phils brass thought Ben Rivera was truly ready in mid-May of 1992…would the Phillies have made the WS in 1993? Or what if they had more patience with Brink, Abbott or Brantley? What if Greene didn’t get hurt…again?

Just one small decision like that had a huge impact on a franchise.


One Response to “Curt Schilling – 1990 Topps”

  1. night owl Says:

    Those early Curt Schilling cards always disturb me.

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