Chuck McElroy – 1992 Upper Deck (Post 2 – Electric Boogaloo)

November 23, 2010

I Am Remiss

A. I forgot to add this photo to my McElroy post the other day. D’oh! I usually have a system, but:

(If you’re not familiar, that’s famed Jamaican poet / toaster Mutabaruka doing “De System” – where the money line is that “De System is a fraud!” So now you know…)

B. I forgot to thank those who have contributed to my collection of late. Thanks to Crinkly Wrappers, Reds & More (dude, post again!) and Project Baseball 1976 / A Giant Blog. I gave ’em a few, they gave me many.

I have a few more coming my way, I am sure. And I’ll probably retrench and make more trades after the first of the year after I send out three more boxes and one small little package.


C. I am remiss in thanking everyone who I have “met” during my short time here, and wishing them a Happy Thanksgiving. But you know, I’m having one of these days…



D. I am remiss in writing about the back of Chuck’s card.  I don’t know if this fits into someone’s love for batting pitchers, but McElroy’s wearing a batting glove (while blowing bubbles like LL Cool J would). He did start his career 7-16 as a batter before ending it with a 2-26 slump. While he had a decent year at the plate in 1991 (3-10, but he had a CS during an appearance as a pinch runner. (He ran for Hector Villanueva who hit for Les Lancaster – and he was caught stealing with Chico Walker at the plate. McElroy did get the save in the game – so the question now is how many pitchers got a save AND a caught stealing in the same game?)

In 1992, the year collectors were pulling DMC…er…Chuck…he was 4-6 with two doubles and a triple at the dish. He had an OPS of 2.000! Yes, a triple!

On April 11, McElroy entered a contest against the Cards at Wrigley. Shawn Boskie was staked to a 2-1 lead but gave up a double to Tom Pagnozzi. McElroy came in and whiffed Craig Wilson. (No, not the long time Pirate, the scrub who somehow kept his job while having an OPS+ of 19 in 1991. Did he know where Torre buried the bodies?)

Jose DeLeon was still toeing the slab in the bottom of the seventh. Joe Girardi flew out, and McElroy was allowed to bat. (Why not, the Cubs pen wasn’t exactly the Nasty Boys!) He hit a “line drive to short RF line” for a triple, which means it probably went over the bag at first and then went into the pen and hit the brick wall, caroming wildly. while Brian Jordan chased it around like an errant punt. That keyed a rally against DeLeon, Bob McClure and Mike Perez and the Cubs won 5-1. McElroy smacked an 8th inning single against Perez that indirectly led to another run as Doug Dacsenzo plated Girardi right after that. And you know Girardi couldn’t have scored from second on a hit to shallow left!

McElroy got the save in this one too. So could he be one of the rare pitchers who got a save while being caught stealing AND a save while hitting a triple?

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