Chuck McElroy – 1992 Upper Deck

November 21, 2010

“Gotta Be The Shoes!”

Why was I fascinated by Chuck McElroy? As a Cubs fan, I should have been wary about an inconsistent lefty reliever who was worse against lefties than righties (752 OPS vs 724).

He was part of the merry-go-round of relievers the Cubs used on April 24, 1993. Why do I remember that game, a 15-5 loss to Cincinnati?

Well, the future Mrs. Smed attended her first major league game. We couldn’t get bleacher seats, so we got $15 tickets four rows from the Cubs bullpen. Great seats. Well, except for the fact that there was plenty of traffic in front of us. And Bob Scanlan, who wasn’t used, kept getting up to ‘stand guard’, as it were.

The Reds loaded the bases in the first against Greg Hibbard, and Chris Sabo was up. I told my future bride that I had never seen a grand slam in a professional baseball game in person.


The Reds, who were bad that year, were off and running. Hibbard gave up 7 in three innings. Jose Bautista gave up two more, including another home run to Bip Roberts. Dan Plesac then pitched three innings, and in the 7th the Reds loaded the bases again. I told the future Mrs. Smed that it’s rare that a team hits two grand slams in a game.

POW! Joe Oliver goes yard.

McElroy gave up two more runs in the 8th – on a home run to Reggie Sanders.  They were unearned. My future wife did think he resembled Spike Lee.

The only true highlight for the Cubs was a double hit by Matt Walbeck in the bottom of the ninth. Down 15-2 with one out and two on, Walbeck lifts an easy pop to center – but center fielder Cesar Hernandez has a pratfall and Walbeck goes to second easily. Yes, we were still at the game. Hey, it was great seats at Wrigley!

Of course, McElroy resembled Spike Lee:

However, in retrospect, he’s more of a doppleganger for DMC (of Run – DMC fame). Though I don’t think Chuck hit the mound with a dookie rope that had a logo the size of a hubcap on it.

Wow, I hadn’t seen Larry “Bud” Melman in a while.


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