John Franco – 1988 Topps

November 16, 2010

What The Heck?

Is Franco playing a joke on Chris Sabo, on the photographer, on society as a whole?

Or did he need to wear goggles as well for a stretch?

Franco was a great reliever, but had horrible timing. He was traded to the Mets before the 1990 season. That year, the Reds won the Series. Franco had to endure some ghastly Mets teams before finally getting his post-season chance – and then he was a set-up man after losing his job after an injury.

And while his stat numbers may get him into the HOF, he doesn’t have a stellar career WAR, and had some ‘interesting’ records (like 0-8 in 1998).

However, he was definitely valuable, and exuded Noo Yawk when he played for the Mets. And while the jury may be out on his HOF credentials, he definitely proved to be worth a lot more than Rafael Landestoy.


Yes, in 1983 the Dodgers traded Franco AND a minor leaguer to the Reds for Landestoy. Why?




Still thinking….

Did Franco get into a shoving match with Jack Fimple in Albuquerque?



Were the Dodgers really that worried about Sax’ fielding that they traded a future all-star closer for a generic middle infielder who posted an OPS+ of 32 for the Dodgers and went 0-2 in the post-season as a pinch hitter?





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