Javier Vazquez – Upper Deck 2009

November 16, 2010

A Man Of Taste & Elegance

Well, I don’t know him personally, but in this pose he exudes some sort of nobility about him.

And maybe a touch of Salvador Dali sans mustache (and melting stopwatches).

And of course, Dali leads me to Bunuel and then to this:

And the Pixies and weird Spanish art leads me to:

Which leads to:

(It may be a stretch, but many of Picasso’s faces look…broken!)

So, you’re saying, is this just an excuse to:

A. Kill time before a dinner I have to attend at this conference I have to attend?

B. Procrastinate work I need to do, such as drafting a work plan for a client?

C. Tell everyone that I’m currently listening to the Pixies?

D. Not prepare for my two presentations tomorrow?

E. Avoid talking about Javier Vazquez?

Well, I suppose I gotta do something, and the easiest thing to do is talk somewhat about Vazquez, since he started this here chain looking all elegant in his posted photo.

Vazquez is putting together a Saberhagen-esque career (minus the injuries and the bleach). Which is, it seems that every other year he’s great, and then…not so much.

What it boils down to is pretty much an average starting pitcher. Over the course of two seasons, he’s gonna throw about 400 innings at a league average ERA, and may scratch out a winning record based on his run support.

One thing, though, that I was quite surprised about. He’s been a big-time team hopper without filing for free agency. In fact, he recently filed for free agency for the FIRST time. He’s been extended, sure, and has made $92 million over his career, but he’s never been out on the open market, per se.

His trades:

Dec. 2003 – From the Expos to the Yanks for Nick Johnson, Juan Rivera and Randy Choate.

Jan. 2005 – From the Yanks to the D-Backs along with Dioner Navarro and Brad “Admiral” Halsey for Big Unit. (We’re so sorry…Uncle Albert…) (Anyone under 35 get that reference? 40? )


Back to Vazquez:

Dec. 2005 – From the D-Backs to the White Sox for El Duque, Chris Young and Luis Vizcaino.

Dec. 2008 – From the White Sox to the Braves along with Boone Logan for Brent Lillibridge and three prospects.

Dec. 2009 – From the Braves to the Yankees (again) along with Boone Logan (again) for Melky Cabrera, Michael Dunn and a prospect.

Now, after a bad year, he hits the market.

I’d buy on the cheap! With a good offense, this is his year to win 15 with an under 4.00 ERA!


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