Doug DeCinces – 1988 Fleer

November 14, 2010

Not Airbrushed!?!?!?

Doug DeCinces played 1,645 games in the AL and four in the NL. Those were the last four games of his career.

They were at the end of the 1987 season as the Cards were gunning for the NL East title. I’m not sure why the Cards went out and got him, as Terry Pendleton wound up starting 158 games at third, including the last two of the season.

But you know, perhaps Whitey just wanted Doug to jump on a pile or two.

Doug was one of those under-rated players because of his low batting average. But Earl Weaver made room for him by gently shoving Brooks Robinson aside. And he rewarded Earl with patience, power and defense. Then he moved to the Angels and did pretty much the same thing. (Why the Orioles traded him for Dan Ford, I have no idea – but they did…)

But on September 23, 1987,  the Angels released DeCinces. Six days later he signed with the Cards, played four games in 1987. He spent 1988 in Japan and then hung ’em up.

Yet, this card from Fleer does not seem to be airbrushed. I’ve looked at it close and afar, and it seems that it’s DeCinces IN a Cards uniform.

Which of course makes a card like this even more outrageous…

A. That’s a particularly heinous airbrush job.

B. Brady Anderson moved from Boston to Baltimore on July 29th. There were over 50 games that Anderson played in  as an Oriole that they could have at least snagged a wire-service action shot or SOMETHING!

C. Did I saw how bad of an airbrush job that is? I bet the Topps artists (after they put down the bong) hated to have to draw that little Oriole on the hat (much like the old Blue Jays logo gave them fits as well). Well, unless they thought it was funny — “DUUUUDE! That Oriole is SMILING, man!”

Somehow, Topps survived awful cards and bleah designs, whilst Fleer who actually tried, it seemed, to get a player on the right team, took a dirt nap, was resurrected and again is swimming with the card fish.




One Response to “Doug DeCinces – 1988 Fleer”

  1. Kerry Biggs Says:

    Topps didn’t even bother with Doug’s card. It got the very rare “NOW WITH CARDINALS” treatment that is usually reserved for O-Pee-Chee.

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