Roy Lee Jackson – 1987 Topps

November 13, 2010

“Don’t Push Me Because I’m Close To The Edge…”

Something about this, in all of its airbrushed (I think) glory makes me think that Mr. Jackson is a badass. But now I think he’s a badass for Jesus.

Jackson’s last couple of years in the bigs were unsettled. He had some pretty excellent years in relief up in Canada, but after a 7-8 mark with 10 saves and a 3.56 ERA in 1984, the Jays let him go in the Spring of 1985. He signed with Baltimore, went to the minors, and then was moved to the Padres in the Alan Wiggins deal. He finished the year in the majors going 2-3 with 2 saves and an excellent 2.70 ERA.

However, at the end of spring in 1986 he was released and that same day signed with the Twins. He must have been hurt because he didn’t make his season debut until late May, then basically was the end of the bullpen, pitching in just 28 games, mostly of little or no consequence.

He then field for free agency, but he probably was colluded out of a job – and was forced to take a minor league deal in mid-season with Milwaukee. That was a disaster as he gave up 19 hits in just 8 1/3 innings. I don’t have to really tell you about the rest of the stats given that one, do I?

So he may have been a bit elusive, but I can’t say for sure that this is an airbrush job. He’s wearing a grimace and has his hat on backwards (at a glance, it seemed he could be wearing a skullcap or a Kangol – quite the edgy urban thing in 1986 but I think it’s just a backwards ball cap).

I don’t really know why he bounced around. Toronto got rid of him after his age-30 season. He did blow 7 saves but had 6 holds and did a nice job of preventing inherited runners from scoring. He also got a nice raise (probably an arbitration deal) and that may have contributed to his release. Owners were pretty clumsy in their dealings with players – hence the three huge collusion rulings.

I did find a little blurb in 1986 about Jackson being close to signing a contract on February 1, after he filed for arbitration. I also found something that leads me to believe he’s a minister working in Alabama.

But the countenance on this picture is a man who is not to be trifled with – who has been battered by the Lords of baseball and won’t take it and is depending on THE Lord.


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