Andruw Jones – 2010 Topps Update

November 8, 2010

For The Night Owl

This one is for Night Owl. It’s from the brand new Update series, and I think he’d agree this is a great card.

Well, or not.

Jones, who was a sure-fire HOF candidate not that long ago, has declined rapidly.

The last two seasons, he was a part time player and played OK, but not great. His BA is low but his power and patience were pretty good.

He started to slip in 2007, his last season for the Braves. While he never was a high-average hitter he had power, defense and some speed and walks that offset that.

But as awesome of a night card this is, and that’s right up Night Owl’s alley, it is Andruw Jones.

As in, Andruw Jones, 2008 Dodgers.

As in, .158/.256/.249 – yes, the former 50-HR player had an OBP higher than his SLG.

As in, not only didn’t he hit, his former Gold Glove fielding produced a -10 fielding runs. Ick!

As in, -2.3 WAR, for a PART TIME player!

As in, the Dodgers could have put in Jason Repko in center and done better.

The Dodgers were 84-78 in 2008 and won the NL West. It was a weak NL West, but they won it anyway. They did it by renting Manny Ramirez for a while and making sure Jones and Juan Pierre were, um, minimized.

But I can’t speak for the Night Owl. This IS a cool card.

But…to me, it’s like winning a free CD, and the choices are Michael Bolton, Kenny G, or Justin Bieber.



One Response to “Andruw Jones – 2010 Topps Update”

  1. night owl Says:

    Looks nightish to me.

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