Mike Scioscia – 1992 Upper Deck

November 3, 2010

“You’re Killing Me, Blue…”

This has to be an exhibition game, as the Dodgers are playing the Angels. Sojo was traded to the Angels along with the immortal Junior Felix for Devon White, et. al. For once, the Angels tried to get younger in a trade. I would gather it’s the day or two before the season, when the Dodgers and Angels would face off. Since the Angels have always trained out West, and for eons the Dodgers trained in Vero Beach, that has to be what this is.

Look at Scioscia’s face. It’s the face Keith Olbermann was wearing much of last night reading the election returns.

What does this say about Scioscia:

A. He’s a gamer.

B. He plays to win, even in March.

C. You have to get your total game together in the spring, including the arguments.

D. He needs to take the caffeine down a notch or two. Mix in some decaf.

E. He can’t believe Luis Sojo, of all people, just scored a run against the Dodgers.


One Response to “Mike Scioscia – 1992 Upper Deck”

  1. Kerry Biggs Says:

    Priceless picture. I think I saw that guy at a sports bar last weekend.

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