Chili Davis – 1988 Donruss

October 31, 2010


Now Here’s A Professional Hitter

The term “professional hitter” is normally reserved for a pinch-hitting specialist, or a contact hitter.

You know the guys: Manny Mota, Jose Morales, Dave Magadan, Steve Braun, the Iorgs, Rance Mulliniks, John VanderWal, et. al.

Seemingly it’s a guy who can come in off of the bench and line a sharp single to right. Of course, that’s just perception, and while that is valuable, since these ‘professional hitters’ don’t have a lot of power or patience for the most part – their value is in their batting average.

It’s funny, because I heard someone refer to Greg Dobbs as a ‘professional hitter’ but not Matt Stairs.

But I present to you a guy who was a consummate professional hitter.

Charles Theodore Davis

2,435 games played – 1,186 in the OF, 1 at 1B, 1 at P (! – June 17, 1993 – 2 scoreless innings with only one blemish – he hit Jose Canseco with a pitch as he mopped up during an Angels 18-2 loss to Texas.

Chili was a decent OF early in his career. He played a lot of CF and RF for the Giants, but seemed to fall off of the defensive cliff at around age 28 or so.

So he became almost a full-time DH starting in 1990.

In fact, after 1990 he played just 10 games in the field and 1,126 as a hitter.

His OPS+ was 127 during his DH days. Not shabby at all.

He hit for power – he didn’t give away at bats. He played every day if asked.

Professional hitter!

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