Bob Welch – 1989 Topps

October 27, 2010

“Sentimental Gentle Wind, Blowing Through My Life Again”

Much like the musician Bob Welch, the pitcher Bob Welch is much better than you remember.

Bob Welch, musician?

Yes, he was in Fleetwood Mac pre-Lindsay Buckingham, and had a hand in some of their finest work (that no one heard, of course). “Sentimental Lady” was the big tune, and he re-did that for his first solo record. That record also featured:

Ok, it’s kind of a stretch, but Bob Welch isn’t someone who jumps out at you anymore – not as musician or pitcher.

He did win 27 for the 1990 A’s, but of course I could go out there every five days and break even with that offense (he got 5.1 runs per game to work with).

I think a lot of it comes from his time with the Dodgers. He seemed to be the hard luck story.

In 1983, he had a 2.65 ERA, a WAR of 4.5 and went 15-12 thanks to LA scoring 3.3 runs per start.

In 1986, he went 7-13, even though his ERA was 3.28 and his WAR was 4.5 as well. The Dodgers scored 3.2 runs per start.

He also didn’t shine in the post season – where you can undo a great season with one bad start. Well, undo in the mind of the public and the wags. Baseball’s post season is somewhat like the top 8 finishers of a marathon running a series of sprints right after they finish.

But he won 211 games, had an ERA+ of 107 (that would have been better had he not spent those last two seasons in Oakland), and was a quality pitcher for almost all of the 80’s.

I don’t know if he could sing or play guitar. That’s this one:


One Response to “Bob Welch – 1989 Topps”

  1. Bo Says:

    Those early 80s Dodgers also had Steve Howe – lots of musical talent on those teams.

    On an unrelated note, has Michael Kay declared that the World Series is “over”?

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