Chris Codiroli – 1987 Topps

October 20, 2010

“Which Way To The Sugar Shack, Duuuude?”

Codiroli definitely looks like he wants to grab his girl, his board and his woody and hit Surf Route 101.

He was a California kid, born in Oxnard and played baseball at San Jose State. But he wasn’t an A’s draftee. He was selected in the first round of the January draft by the Tigers, but was released after the 1981 season. The A’s scooped him up, and he was in the bigs in 1982 and a full-time member of the rotation in 1983.

But it wasn’t all groovy times and cool waves for Codiroli. While his record as an Oakland A’s pitcher was 38-40 (not bad for a team that ranged between mediocre and awful) he had high ERAs and only lasted two full seasons in the rotation.

Those Oakland teams were pretty much forgettable. After Billy Martin burned out an entire pitching staff by 1982, the A’s were left with a whole bunch of interchangeable parts, sort of like the IKEA of pitching staffs. Except Steve Boros and Jackie Moore couldn’t assemble them into a post-post modern sofa.

Really, could you tell the difference between Codiroli, Tim Conroy, Gorman Heimueller, Mike Warren or Bill Mooneyham? They came, they saw, they gave up four runs in 6 2/3.

Only Codiroli had the cool surfer dude look, though. Catch a wave, Chris, and you’ll be sittin’ on top of the world!


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