Reggie Cleveland – 1981 Fleer

October 19, 2010

“Pass The Gravy”

Look at this physique. It’s one I can relate to.

This is something you see more in baseball than anything. (Well, in football you see this as well, but while Pat Williams has blubber, he also has the strength of a crazed rhino) In basketball there are some big men that are more big than anything, but you never see paunches in hockey, soccer, track and field, or other more athletic sports.

Even in golf, except for a select few, you don’t see too many beer guts.

Reggie Cleveland, immortalized by ESPN’s Sports Guy and now by his own namesake site, was a Canadian from Swift Current that had a decent career as an innings-eating starter for the Cards, Red Sox and others. I wonder if he played hockey, because Swift Current is one of those Saskatchewan towns that the grinders and muckers come from – the players Don Cherry loves!

After a lousy 1979 (if he wasn’t a vet, a 1-5, 6.71 ERA posting would get you on a one-way ticket to Spokane), he had a pretty decent 1980 season before winding his career up in 1981.

However, I think he enjoyed the beer and processed meat products in Milwaukee a bit too much.


(Sidenote to end all sidenotes, or is this an endnote? IN 1979 Cleveland was involved in a game that had three non-pitchers pitch for the Brewers. I guess when three professional pitchers give up 15 runs in 3 innings, and it’s a couple days before September call-ups and you are in a pennant race, you do what you do. My question is if Gantner or Bando were on pitch counts!)

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