Steve Bedrosian – 1992 Upper Deck

October 16, 2010

“Every Day, It’s The Same Thing…”

I mean, really. Every day. I have to help shag the balls and then get them back to the batting practice pitcher. Home, road, spring training, playoffs. It doesn’t matter. Same ol’ same ol’.

You’d think they’d have a better system. But I have to lug around this jug that used to hold our sunflower seeds and get the balls all rounded up. Why? Just so that Hrbek, Gladden, and Puckett can hit them again? Well, at least some of those guys hit them out into the stands. It’s guys like Newman, Larkin and Ortiz where I have to keep chasing them. Oh, and Knoblauch. Damn rookie. Doesn’t know his place. I mean, I’d like to stuff him in this jug.

Do the starters have to do that? I don’t see Morris or Anderson out here day after day. Oh sure, they come in once in a while but normally they’re in the training room watching Oprah, Sally Jessie or the Bold & The Beautiful. Maybe Santa Barbara.

Erickson and Tapani come out here usually to laugh at us. Hah, hah. Well, next time they laugh and TK puts me in with the bases loaded, and it’s one of their messes, that’s 3 ER for their slate. That’ll cost ’em $10K because old man Pohlad won’t stand for high ERAs.

Usually, it’s me and Guthrie and Leach out here. Wills does his part too. I never see Aguilera. He’s “got to be ready”. Well, I was the big money man too once, and I still came out  during BP. I shagged balls every day when I saved 40 for the Phils in 1987, and I hit the ball better than Jeff Stone. Yeah, that year I won a friggin’ Cy Young award and we went 80-82. Don’t blame me that voters thought Hershier and Ryan had bad years only because of their W-L record. I saved 40 out of 80 wins! Without me, we may have finished last. Or fifth. I know Tekulve had a great year too, but I got the saves man.

And I shagged balls too.

Now, I’m here, being Aguilera’s slappy, trying to keep West away from me in the bullpen. Shagging balls, all the damn time.

Now go away from me…

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