Jim Acker – 1989 Topps

October 14, 2010

Generic 1980’s Atlanta Relief Pitcher Quiz

Name the 1980’s Braves reliver that:

1. Was once traded for Tom Seaver.

2. Flipped off the official scorer in Chicago after a one-hitter, thanks to a ball being scored a hit in the second that should have been an error.

3. Was nicknamed “The Saver” by Skip Caray.

4. Tells no tales.

5. Hit a home run that prolonged a July 4 game until July 5. The Braves still set off their fireworks after the game even though it was well past midnight.

6. Pitched in 80 games, but had a career 0-1 record with only 3 saves.

7. Was a rule 5 draftee by Toronto, but traded back to the Braves for Joe Johnson, then traded back to the Blue Jays for Francisco Cabrera and Tony Castillo.

8. Was exchanged for Jody…Jody Davis on September 29, 1988, with just a scant few games left in the season.

9. Saved wins for Paul Splittorff, Wayne Simpson, Dick Drago, Steve Busby, Jim Lonborg, Tom Underwood, and Tom Hilgendorf.

10. Was the #17 overall pick in the 1974 draft, but saw only one partial season of MLB action as a member of the Braves after stops in Marion, Wausau, Lynchburg, Peninsula (Hampton, VA), Reading, Oklahoma City (looks mighty pretty), Charlotte, Rochester, Denver, Buffalo and Richmond, and then later pitched for Columbus.

Answers: Charlie Puleo, Juan Eichelberger, Joe Boever, Jeff Dedmon, Rick Camp, Ed Olwine, Jim Acker, Kevin Coffman, Gene Garber, Cliff Speck

Notice something? They all seem alike, don’t they? They all seemed to have scruffy beards, mustaches, hair, and, well, looked like they should have been on Georgia Championship Wrestling on TBS.

(Not all of them, but enough of them to make it seem like a hirsute wave upon the mound.)

You know, most of the pitchers for Atlanta, in their grizzled mountain man look, remind me of this little ditty:



Or maybe it’s this one


Or maybe I was listening to my iPod on the way back from my client, a couple of Jesus Lizard songs popped their way in there, and it was an excuse to post the tracks.

But anyway, yeah, those Braves relief pitchers all looked alike, and really, pitched alike.

Which is to say…in a meh way.



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