Roberto Alomar – 1991 Score Dream Team

September 29, 2010

“I put a spell on you / because you’re mine!”

Ok, who among us has put our hands in those positions while playing baseball or softball?


I was testing it out and it definitely looks like Roberto is casting a spell instead of fielding.

But what do I know, I’m someone who bought a box (actually, two boxes thanks to 1991 Score being in series) of these cards this summer ($8 each box though, I mean…a deal).

So I’m about 19 years too late for mockery or complaints.

Wait, I guess there’s no statute of limitations are there?

What’s remarkable is that I didn’t remember Alomar playing so early in the 90’s, and I really don’t remember him retiring. He was just out of the game. But I do remember his glory years for Toronto, Baltimore and Cleveland.

Hopefully, his expectoration on John Hirschbeck will be forgotten and he’ll make the HOF.

There are some rumors around (and a lawsuit that probably was settled or just dropped) that he had AIDS, and that was the cause of his dropoff after he got to the Mets in 2002. But…

A. He was 34. That’s middle age in baseball. Roberto’s skills may have waned. It happens.

B. He became a Met. That franchise can take shinola and morph it into…well…you know.

C. Carlos Baerga dropped like a rock in New York, and no one said HE had AIDS.

D. Not only was he a Met, but he was on a pretty dysfunctional team. Oh, wait, that’s the same as being a Met.

E. Mo Vaughn took him to too many strip clubs.

F. In Cleveland, he was one of many stars. The 2001 Indians had Thome, Vizquel, Lofton, Burks, Juan Gonzalez, and Sabathia along with Alomar. For the 2002 Mets, you had Piazza and…well…Mo Vaughn was making a comeback. Alfonzo HAS to be better. We’ve got Jeromy Burnitz now!

G. Being on a team with a fascination for players like Timo Perez, Joe McEwing, Jay Payton and Roger Cedeno can depress anyone.

One Response to “Roberto Alomar – 1991 Score Dream Team”

  1. Kerry Biggs Says:

    I’m gonna go with E. I think that Mo Vaughn was probably the Zach Randolph of MLB.

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