Ken Schrom – 1988 Fleer

September 24, 2010

Hey, I thought he wore a Tiger cap?

Yesterday, I got back from a long trip and opened packages from Night Owl and Reds & More. You rock, dudes. I am newish at this and lame and I still love junk wax and am chasing sets that everyone seems to have sextuples of.


One thing about the 80’s is the facial hair. After a wild decade in the 70’s, baseball men decided to clean themselves up for the most part. Facial hair was still OK, but it had to be well groomed.

Mr. Schrom had that Magnum PI thing down pat here. Though I don’t think Schrom drove a Ferrari. He did make $450,000 in 1987. And for that, the Indians were “rewarded” with a 6-13, 6.50 ERA effort. He still made 29 starts for them. If you do recall, this was the infamous SI Cover team that went 59-103. It wasn’t like Schrom had a hideous stretch – he was hideous all year. The lowest his ERA was all season was 5.43.

It could have been worse. Schrom gave up 15 unearned runs.

That season for Schrom and the Indians was illustrated by his final start of the season, in Game 161. (Of course, why not run a 30+ starting pitcher out there for game 161. It would be silly of you to see if any of your younger players could play the game. Oh, wait, I looked at the 1987 Buffalo roster. Nevermind.)

Because there was nothing better to do, over 22,000 folks went to the Big A to watch the Indians (60-100) face the Angels (74-86). Jack Lazorko against Ken Schrom. Baseball fever, catch it!

The Indians strike first, as Brook Jacoby singles home Brett Butler. Can Schrom finally get it together and make a case for him being on the 1988 Indians?

Leading off for the Angels, Brian Downing. Smack! Tie game.

After an out, batting third for the Angels, Wally Joyner. Crunch. 2-1

A second out, and batting fifth for the Angels, Jack Howell. Rip! 3-1

Schrom then gives up hits to Devon White and Gus Polidor, but gets out of it.

Now Higgins would have given Magnum some sage advice, or something, or other. And maybe Doc Edwards did, because Schrom gets ’em out 1-2-3 in the second.

Bottom of the third, Joyner leads off. Bam! 4-1. Four solo home runs. Talk about three true outcomes!

Then Bill Buckner doubles. Bill Buckner. He had to have hit the ball a long way to double. After an out, White then singles home Buckner. (Buckner on a Segway? Wait, not invented yet.) Schrom leaves and is replaced by Sammy Stewart.

Yes, the same Sammy Stewart that Earl Weaver loved in the 70’s. You have to love a 100+ loss team that has an over-30 year old pitching staff, right?

White steals second. Polidor walks. White steals third! Bob Boone singles and White scores.

Ken Schrom’s line: 2 1/3 IP, 8H, 6 ER.

But at least Schrom had the Magnum stache. And $450,000. And now he’s a minor league executive. So, it wasn’t all bad.

2 Responses to “Ken Schrom – 1988 Fleer”

  1. Hilarious! I will never look at a Schrom card the same way again!

  2. […] injury prone (Ernie Camacho), or never going to be a championship winning pitcher (Scott Bailes, Ken Schrom, Don Schulze, Neal Heaton) and guys that never fulfilled their potential (Greg Swindell, Brian […]

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