Benny Distefano – 1990 Fleer

September 19, 2010



Why don’t you come to your senses?

You’ve been out riding buses

For so long now

Benny was a baseball lifer as a player. He tried everything to stay in the majors. He played a year in Japan. He played in Hawaii for three years (darn…) and one year in Vancouver (double darn…Vancouver’s a great town.)

The most unique thing about Benny was that in 1989 he caught in three games for the Pirates. You’re going: So what?

Benny threw lefthanded. He’s the last lefty to play catcher (which is only an issue when trying to throw to third if a righty is in the box). Before Benny, Mike Squires caught in two games for the 1980 White Sox. (Squires also played 14 games at third.)

Of course, Jim Leyland had some issues behind the dish that year. Spanky LaValliere was out for 2 1/2 months and the Bucs were forced to play Junior Ortiz every day with Dann Bilardello and Tom “The Not So Fresh” Prince as backups.

So here’s to you, Benny “I’ll Catch Even Though I’m Lefthanded” Distefano.


2 Responses to “Benny Distefano – 1990 Fleer”

  1. Steve78 Says:

    Distefano was the hitting coach for the Brooklyn Cyclones this past season and my wife and I got to see them play twice. I also got to use the catching trivia twice, the second time my wife confirmed she was listening the first time.

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