Steve Rogers – 1981 Fleer

September 18, 2010

You too can have the exciting life of a starting pitcher!!!

I’d love to have the backstory behind this picture.

There’s the scowl, the lean, the look. Was he bored? Upset? Was it in pre-game?

Steve Rogers assumed the mantle of Expos ace in the mid and late 70’s. Of course, that meant logging a ton of innings in front of not-so-good teams, and it showed (15-22 in 1974, 7-17 in 1976). If he was on a good team early on, and his managers didn’t have to rely on him so much, he could have had a few more years, had a better record, and made it to Cooperstown. He had that talent.

But that’s not the way it went down. Parc Jarry was a hitter’s park and the defense behind him was less than stellar. With better run and defense support, he would have definitely had better stats.

Maybe that’s why he’s scowling, or leaning, or bored, or something?

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  1. […] Expos. Steve Renko went 15-11 with a 2.81, and threw in a .273 BA with 9 RBI and 2 steals to boot. Steve Rogers went 10-5 with a 1.54 ERA after he was called up. Mike Marshall was insane (as usual) – […]

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