Greg Gagne – 1991 Score

September 14, 2010

“Jesus is a friend of mine”

Greg Gagne was recently inducted into the Twins Hall of Fame. He was a decent, steady shortstop that made all of the routine plays and had a little pop, especially for 1980’s shortstops not named Ripken.

He was rather the forgotten man of the championship Twins, and he felt a bit frustrated at times. He also kept a distance from some of the knuckleheads like Hrbek and Gaetti (well, until Gaetti met Tommy Herr…more on that some day). He was a fan of Christian rock music, though, and because I got nothin’ else I’ll post this little ode that’s been around the ‘net a few times.

You can tell the guitarist really just wants to cut loose with a big ol’ solo.

2 Responses to “Greg Gagne – 1991 Score”

  1. […] He was very open about religion and was a clubhouse preacher. While Greg Gagne was a Christian, he was rather quiet about it. Herr was […]

  2. […] fielder, but had no stick, and those guys were beginning to be a dime-a-dozen. He was buried behind Greg Gagne and Al Newman. He spent 1987 in Portland, hitting singles and fielding grounders. The Twins took […]

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