Andy Van Slyke – 1994 Upper Deck

September 8, 2010

“Andy Van Goin’ For The EB’s”

There were about 12 of us that played APBA in the 80’s when we were in high school and college. We drafted teams and played in a league that lasted until people scattered after college (Crawfordsville, IN was not a magnet for the newly college educated).

For those who don’t know, APBA is like Strat-O-Matic in that you roll dice, consult a players card and then look at some humongous charts to get the result. It was fairly accurate in hitting (the basic pitching game less so, since pitchers just had grades and starters grades were based on wins for the most part – the deluxe version had more pinpoint pitching tables).

One feature on some player cards – those who had some power but not ‘mashers’ were a second column. If you rolled a “0” on your player card (usually at an 11, 33 or 66), then you got to re-roll and use the result in the second column. Most all of those were doubles or home runs (or triples for the swift).

Mike ran the team (called the Boston Iron Brigade – great name) that had Van Slyke.Every game he played, if Van Slyke rolled a “o”, a call would cascade through the house that “Andy Van’s Goin’ For The EBs!”

To this day, there are some of us that when we see or hear of Mr. Van Slyke, that’s the first thing we think of.

As for this card, it’s a Venn Diagram example:

Upper Deck had some cards that featured wacky things.

Andy Van had a reputation of doing wacky things.

Andy Van on an Upper Deck card doing something wacky.

Hey, a math lesson!


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