Pedro Borbon – 1976 Topps

September 6, 2010

Captain Hook’s Favorite

Ah, Pedro Borbon. He laughs at the mollycoddled relievers of the modern age.

Need a long man to pick up a starter who failed? Ask Pedro.

Need a tough out in the 7th inning? Ask Pedro.

Need to save the rest of the ‘pen and extend a reliever for 3+ innings? Ask Pedro.

Need to close out a tough game with runners on base? Ask Pedro.

Need a spot start? Ask Pedro.

Just take 1976 for example. (And why not, this is the card for that year! BICENTENNIAL REPRESENT!)

69 games, 1 start, 121 innings. 4-3 8 saves, 4 blown saves, 1 hold. (Only 1 hold??)

Sparky used Pedro as his “we’re behind and we need to keep it close” pitcher that year. And while he did pitch a lot late in the game, Pedro came in early many times.

May 20, 1976 – Don Gullett knocked out in the first. Pedro to the rescue!

June 11, 1976 – Pat Zachry gives up 5 in the first. Done by the second. Pedro to the rescue!

June 16, 1976 – Zachry knocked out again! Pedro to the rescue! Pitches 4 2/3 innings of shut out ball? Is Pedro done for a week? No, sir! He pitches 2 innings on the 18th and 2 more on the 20th.

June 25, 1976 – Reds start Rich Hinton as they scramble for pitching help. That doesn’t go so well. Pedro to the rescue! Pitches 5 innings for the win. Comes back June 28th for a save, and then pitches an inning on the 29th and 30th?

Today’s relievers? Sissy marys! Ask Pedro!

And when Pedro’s done, and he’s coming to bat…

Pinch hitting for Pedro Borbon….Manny Mota!”

One Response to “Pedro Borbon – 1976 Topps”

  1. Scott Says:

    RIP Pedro

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