Frank Duffy – 1978 Topps

September 5, 2010

Frank Duffy, managing partner of Duffy, Kuiper, Blanks & Associates. For all of your tax accounting needs.

I was torn between middle school science teacher or tax accountant. Frank definitely doesn’t look like someone who was traded for George Foster.

If there ever was an avatar for mid-1970’s shortstop, Duffy would be among the contenders (along with Roger Metzger, Enzo Hernandez, or Ed Brinkman).

Everyone knows Duffy couldn’t hit. Frank Robinson and friends gave Frank over 1000 plate appearances in 1976 and 1977 and he couldn’t lift his SLG and OBP over .300! He wasn’t fast, really. So his only value was with the leather.

From 1972-1975, that was worth it. But in 1976 and 1977? Only 2 fielding runs above average. Below average range. Now “Sugar Bear” Blanks was no fielding star, but he at least added value as a batter in 1976 and 1977.

So, for the last part of his career in Cleveland, he couldn’t hit, didn’t get on base, was average at best as a shortstop in the field, had no power and didn’t run all that well (his 10 steals in 10 tries notwithstanding in 1976 – that was a fluke because Robby called a gazillion hit and runs that year – Duane Kuiper was 10 for 27 as a base stealer!)

So maybe Frank should have brushed up for the CPA exam…

One Response to “Frank Duffy – 1978 Topps”

  1. Maybe they should’ve let the pitcher hit & use the DH for Duffy

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