Vincente Romo – 1974 Topps

September 4, 2010

“This is not a glamor shot!”

When I first saw this photo, I thought maybe Topps, realizing they were missing Mr. Romo, put a drifter in a Padres uniform and snapped the picture. Vincente looks a little unkempt here.

Of course, the 1973 Padres were a little unkempt, and a drifter may have been a solid choice as a reliever for that team. Don Zimmer managed them to a 60-102 record, and a random dude wandering by Yuma could have probably done just as well as Rich Troedson, Gary Ross or Mike Corkins.

The 70’s were just a different era in many ways. You look at a last place team today (say, Pittsburgh) and they churn through players. The Pirates have used 26 pitchers already this year, including cameos from immortals like Hayden Penn, Brian Bass and Chan Ho Park.

The 1973 Padres used 12 pitchers, total. There was no relief from Bill Greif. Fans looked in the paper, and saw the same names over and over again (Kirby, Arlin, Caldwell) and probably resigned themselves to defeat.

This is another one of those jersey over the jacket photos. Were they working out in a jacket and then had to go grab a jersey and put it on over the jacket quickly? I’ve always been puzzled by that.

Vincente was a fine pitcher in the Mexican League. Ok, more than fine. He was one of the best ever in the Mexican and Mexican Pacific Leagues. But this is still a creepy picture.

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