Scott Rolen – 2005 Upper Deck All-Star Classics

September 4, 2010

In honor of Cards On Cards, who sent me a great big box o’ stuff from my want list (since I’ve only started collecting since May, and I have a soft spot for the junk wax era, my want list is easy to fill now. And boy, did he fill it (and I guess more is coming).

I am going to look through more want lists to help some people out, but I’m afraid the veteran collectors need more esoteric things than I have. However, I have a lot of extra 2010 Heritage, some good inserts, and some parallels and relics (I don’t collect them), a fair amount of 1974, 1976 and 1978 Topps commons and a fair amount of le junk wax if you want. I also have boatloads of 2007 Fleer Ultra and Upper Deck Series 2, and 2008 Topps Series 2 and Updates (thanks to those ‘bargains’ at Target – but I have got some good parallels and relics in them!) So contact me fer details if need be.

Mr. Rolen, a Hoosier (from Jasper) and a steady 3B for his entire career (with some minor glitches). I thought he was on the downward slope after 2007 and his exile to Toronto, but he’s been a good leader and a steadying influence for the surprising Reds this year. That’s also a bit surprising, since he had his knickers in a bunch in St. Louis (or maybe that was just LaRussa being LaRussa and Rolen not dealing with it well…).

What will Rolen’s legacy be? Right now he has as his accomplishments:

Rookie Of The Year

7 Gold Gloves

1 Silver Slugger

6 All Star Game Appearances

MVP votes in three seasons.

302 career home runs, with no steroid accusations (not that I care about that – but some do…)

Lifetime OPS+ of 125.

2 World Series appearances with 1 win.

Is that enough to get him into the Hall? Well, his HOF monitor shows him short. And while a fine player, he’s not better than Ron Santo was.

Of course, I used to be called “Crowbar” at an online forum because I wanted to yank some folks out of the HOF, so my esteem for some of the selections is not great.

For now, Rolen’s going to the post season again. He’ll get some good air time. He’s made a boat load of money in his career, played on winning teams, put up good stats AND has a ring. So whatever the ink-stained wretches think of him 5 years after retirement, I bet he’d feel pretty good about his career anyway. He can then go back to Jasper and eat at the Schnitzelbank (warning, obnoxious German music will play when you click!)

PS  – This is from an Upper Deck series separate from their base series. What’s maddening about collecting Upper Deck is all of the various series they had. It has taken me a long time to figure out what’s part of the base set and the other sets in UD from about 1995 to now.

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