Rob Dibble – 1992 Upper Deck

September 4, 2010


Much has been made of the Dibble / Strasburg kerfuffle. Dibble was let go, rightly, for being bad at his job. It wasn’t just the Strasburg comments, or the sexism he showed earlier in the year, but all in all he was a lousy analyst who let his ‘homerism’ cloud his work to the point where if he ever were hired by the White Sox, Hawkeroo and Dibs would put the North Korean propaganda department to shame.

What I want to concentrate on was this picture of Dibble. He is in the midst of a windup that probably produced a pitch clocked at 98 MPH and made batters quake in fear. I think, perhaps, this may have been taken at Wrigley Field. It could have been a game where he tried to throw a ball THROUGH Doug Dascenzo as Douggie ran to first on a bunt.

Dibs had a bad temper and always seemed on the edge of a psychotic episode, but that’s what made him a great relief pitcher. He was Kyle Farnsworth with talent AND results.

And what results:

1989 – 99IP, 141K, 28 unintentional BB, .511 OPS against

1990 – 98IP, 136K, 31 unintentional BB, .509 OPS against

In 1991 and 1992, he dropped off a bit but was still nasty.

Then, it was over. Gone. Poof.

That’s not only baseball, it’s life. You just never know.

BTW – I really loathe the ‘pajama’ look nowadays. I prefer stirrups. But these look like those ‘pseudo stirrup’ sanitary socks that also offends my senses.


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