Mike Henneman – 1990 Donruss

September 3, 2010


Mike Henneman is deep in thought. What could he be thinking?

A. If Sparky calls me Carroll, McEnaney or Eastwick one more time…

B. Check the rack out  on THAT broad (in honor of Joe Schultz).

C. Alexander glued my hand to my face. How can I get him back?

D. Vivian Mercier said that in Waiting For Godot “Nothing happens, twice.” But is that true? Or is the nothing that happens something? Is waiting doing something or nothing? And if there is nothing Vladmir and Estragon can do, isn’t the realization of that doing something? I shall ponder this more over some cognac in my room after we finish losing to the Blue Jays 14-3.

E. How can a team with Jack Morris, Frank Tanana, Doyle Alexander, Willie Hernandez, Alan Trammell, Lou Whitaker, Fred Lynn, Matt Nokes, Chet Lemon, Gary Ward and me go 59-103? Oh, that’s right, we’re OLD! And we gave 1,000 plate appearances to Rick Schu, Tracy Jones, Mike Brumley, Ken Williams and Doug Strange.


One Response to “Mike Henneman – 1990 Donruss”

  1. […] big year, Willie was a decent closer, and then morphed into Guillermo – the set-up man for Mike Henneman and grizzled veteran […]

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