Marquis Grissom – 1996 Topps

September 3, 2010

“Curses, Foiled Again!”

Alas, it seems that some nefarious ne’er do well has caught the Marquis De Sod (at least that’s what I called him when he was an Expo) when he was trying to pilfer second base.

What else could be the reason for the hangdog expression amidst the infield dust. It’s almost “Basestealers In The Mist”.

Grissom was a player who I thought was spectacular back in the day, and I was pretty sabremetricy. But now, I see I was fooled. He had some power and he was fast, but he didn’t get on base. But he was fast. And he wasn’t Omar Moreno-esque inept at getting on base. He just wasn’t good enough to be an elite leadoff man.

He’s still one of my favorites, even if his OPS+ was below 100 for all but four seasons, and even though he was out 2-6 on this play.

(Again, that’s just a guess…maybe he had bad sushi the night before.)

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