Bill Wegman – 1988 Donruss

September 3, 2010

Son, I am disappoint.
Bill Wegman was the epitome of the soft-tossing mushballer. This card was for a 1987 season, his second full one, where he went 12-11 (OK) with a 4.24 ERA (OK) and more earned runs allowed than strikeouts (not OK).

In fact, his entire career was either OK or not OK. He played 11 years with the same team (OK), but his team was below .500 when he was a starting pitcher (not OK). He pitched well enough to sign a 4-year contract in 1992 that paid him $2.3 million per year (OK) but was injured for half of it and then was a middle reliever his final year (not OK). He ate innings in 1992 with 261 1/3 (OK) but only struck out 127 batters (not OK). He had a WAR of over 4 for three seasons (OK), but only accumulated 3.8 WAR for his other 8 seasons (not OK).

What strikes me is that he looks so much the hard-ass in this card.

“Do NOT cross me or I will make you ground out to second or hit a soft liner to right!”


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